Theodore "Ted" Suckling

June 19, 1949 ~ February 8, 2019 (age 69)

My Hon Theodore ( Ted) Suckling died February 8th at Denali Center. He was diagnosed labor
day 2018 with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He put up a brave fight with cherno, the Doctors felt
he probally had two years after a CT scan on January fourth, so we were planning a trip to
Hawaii, then the cancer came back aggresively. He was admitted to ICU January 24th.

Ted was born June 19,1949 in Tanana to Ethel and Norman, after his birth they went back to
their home in Manley where his dad ran the N.C.Company .. Sadly at the early age of 3 his
Mom died. Norm and Ted stayed in Manley until Ted was 7 and moved to Nenana where his
dad was the butcher for Coghills store.

At an early age he loved his friends and they did lots of boy things together, he loved to
read and was encouraged to do so by his step mother Elizabeth. As he grew older he had a love
for motorcycles, boats, woodworking, fishing, he built many fish wheels. He also built log
houses and many coffins for family and friends, he never said no. He helped build the boat the
Annual Nail with his cousin Wes, which won the race 5 times 1985-1990 He also in later life
loved driving rock trucks. He lived enjoying life with gusto with his friends and as all know
sometimes a little to much gusto!

My family had always known Norm ( Ted's dad) as all were into gold mining, and in 1983
Norm and Ted were mining at Coldfoot and needed a cook, thats where I came in, met Ted and
In 1985 we married.

Ted loved all of his friends and made friends quite easily. He was a true friend ,never asked
questions or said no if one needed him for anything. I remember when I was on the ambulance
crew there was someone in the river yelling for help, when we all determined where, and which
side of the Tanana it was, he crawled out on the ice where the snowmachine had broken
through and helped to rescue that person. He never thought twice about what he needed to

When cell phones became the thing Ted finally decided to get one and you never after that first
phone found him without it in his hand, the same for the computer he didn't really care for it at
first but when he did conquer it there was no keeping him away and he became quite proficient
and realized now he could make more friends, only worldwide and he did!

He recently decided he loved photography and his computer and phone are filled with beautiful
pictures of everything you can think of, some are so beautiful and breathtaking.

He remained friends with all, throughout the years and when he went into the hospital there
was a never-ending stream of childhood friends and it was at times like a school reunion.
Phyllis and Kent who flew back from Hawaii, Pam who came in from Hawaii. Greg from
Sitka, Wes, Mary, Randy, Sue, Donna, Vickie, Mr.Sutton, ( my "fixers" Barb, Phyllis and Pam who
took care of things so I could concentrate on Ted) .. Nenana P.A Sam Deblauw,{ thank you),

his masseuse who came in the evenings after her work, Hisako ...Allie, Randy Sue "Beau, Marilyn, Betty, Debbie, Larry, Gary, Jason, Sasha, Russ, Ben, Barb, Kim, Jan, William, Daryl, Lavern, Penny, Jack, Joe, Duke, Mary Ann, Bill, Wanda. Golly so many, many more that I know were there visiting him from 9 to 9. I'm sorry if I haven't recalled all of you. He enjoyed it even though he was quite ill. He was then moved to Denali Center. After the beginning of the Super Bowl he became unresponsive and on February 8th at 5 p.m he died.

Thank you to all the Doctors and nurses, on the 2nd floor that took such kind care of my hon at
ICU .And they also included me! Made a bed up for me, I was impressed to tears by their
compassion and empathy. Those at Denali Center made a little apartment up and no matter
the time of day or night came to help. Lou Ann, you have a wonderful team of nurses,aides that
helped and were like family caring for their loved one. You could tell by their kindnesses. They
came in even when not ringing for them. And you, Lou Ann (as did the nurses who were on
shift) came in every day to check on Ted and also to see how I was .. I thank you all so much.
How does one express thanks to all of those who took such tender care of Ted? There are no
words just heartfelt thanks!

My love and thanks to our family, Darla, John, MiChelle, DeAnna, brothers Daryl, Janet, Mike
and Deb, Jodie, Jeff, Emma and to my Grandson Tommie who came from New York to live with
"his Nana" so I wouldn't be alone!

So how does a wife of over 35 years say goodbye? With sadness and grief. But in the
knowledge Ted and I shared that Jehovah our God, our Father, and our friend is keeping him in
his memory for the promised resurrection to when the earth in the very near future will be like
Jehovah God has promised throughout the Bible, and in Revelation 21:3,4 that God" will wipe
out every tear from our eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor
pain be anymore the former things have passed away." So I deal with this grief by cherishing
this hope and belief.

A memorial will be planned in Nenana at a later date in the summer, then his cousin Wes and
friends will be taking him by boat to Manley where he will be next to his mother and father.  

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